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"Let’s take a moment to pray for all the Chen stans out there. Be strong. Be brave."

The Church of Chensus (via everynowandchen)

jongin’s unnecessary chen!hyung touching (。◕‿◕。)

kim jongdae bar | do not edit.

kim jongdae bar | do not edit.

Jongdae laughing with manager hyung

Someone buy me a ticket i need to see that with my own eyes

Jongdae being himself

And yet another amazing and emotional performance by Kim Jongdae.


jongdae would get biggest flirt in a high school yearbook no doubt about it

he’s watching you.


d’awww ♥ on We Heart It.

Just that so-not-fabulous troll namely Kim Jongdae.

{Also expect a lot of SuChen. Teehee}

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